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If you grew up in a Korean household, chances are you ate miyeokguk on your birthday. Korean moms typically will make this "Birthday Soup" for their children to celebrate.  This is because Korean moms will eat tons of this soup after giving birth! They say that miyeokg...

One of my favorite meals to order at a Korean restaurant is Kalbi Tang. The key to a good Kalbi Tang is a wonderfully smooth clean tasting beef broth. The short ribs should be fall off the bone, and you will love the taste of this hearty soup!

This recipe normally takes...

 Bossam, or Korean style Boiled Pork Belly, is a wonderful dish that typically is served with a spicy radish side dish (musaechae) and pickled cabbage wraps. This is not easy to find in Korean restaurants because it normally would take about 2 hrs on the stove top. For...

Kalbi-jjim, or Korean style short rib, always reminds me of the holidays. My mother knows this is my favorite dish, and would make this for special occasions. This dish normally takes hours on the stove to create succulent, tender beef that falls off the bone. The Inst...

When kimchi gets very sour and overripe, it's time to turn it into Kimchi Jjigae! Kimchi Jjigae is a rich spicy stew that is perfect for the fall and winter seasons. It is the ultimate Korean comfort food!  

This recipe is the Instant Pot version. The adv...

"What is an Instant Pot?"

I get asked this question a lot lately. I asked my husband to buy me one for my Valentine's day gift this year, and I have fallen in love!

Why you ask?  There are many reasons why, but of course the main reason is because it makes cooking easi...

Summer is here, so that means trips to the beach, day camps, watermelon, and more importantly, picnics! And one of my favorite foods to bring to a picnic is a crowd-pleasing rack of baby back ribs.

Who doesn't love delicious fall-off-the-bone baby back ribs? I especiall...

I am excited to share my first Instant Pot recipe! I recently bought an Instant Pot on Amazon, and I am in love. I never imagined that cooking delicious foods would be so quick and easy! It is so nice to prepare the food in the Instant pot, then walk away without watch...

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