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I am excited to share my first Instant Pot recipe! I recently bought an Instant Pot on Amazon, and I am in love. I never imagined that cooking delicious foods would be so quick and easy! It is so nice to prepare the food in the Instant pot, then walk away without watch...


Dak Galbi is super delicious, spicy, sweet, and perfectly balanced with a pool of mozzarella cheese for dipping! This dish is normally cooked at tableside, with sides of red leaf lettuce or perilla leaves. The rice is served at the end as a wonderful spicy fried rice...

When its cold outside, the first thing I want to eat is a hot pot of bubbling stew. Korean beef hot pot is a wonderful stew that warms you right up! If you made my Korean BBQ beef (Bulgogi) and have some in the freezer, you are already halfway done with the recipe! Jus...

Japchae is traditionally served as a side dish for special occasions. The noodles are made from sweet potato starch, which makes it naturally gluten free and healthy! Mixed vegetables such as onions, mushrooms, carrots, and spinach are stir-fried with the noodles to cr...

 Bibimbap literally means “mixed rice”.  It’s very popular dish at Korean restaurants, and it is generally a “safe” choice, as it tastes good no matter where you get it from.  I like to make this when I am cooking for a large group because people can choose what they w...

I love jjajangmyeon.  It is a very popular take-out dish in Korea, and if you ever watch a Korean drama, there will be at least 1 scene where they order jjajangmyeon!  The sauce is made with black bean paste, onions, vegetables, and some kind of meat, typically pork, b...

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